Fall 2023 (DePauw University)

SOC 100: Contemporary Society

This introductory undergraduate course is intended for first-year students or higher interested in social issues, social problems, and sociology. Developing students’ sociological imagination, this course explores how we can connect our lived experiences with structural and historical conditions in contemporary societies.

SOC 201: Global and Transnational Sociology

This introductory undergraduate course is intended for second-year students or higher interested in understanding race, class, and gender from global and transnational perspectives. Seeing all social problems as global and transnational, this course explores what we can learn from sociological studies in and of different parts of the world and what it means to seek global solidarity in sociological knowledge production.

SOC 301: Sociology of Art

This course approaches art as a sociological subject. The course covers a wide range of topics related to art and civil society, from contexts of creativity to production and reception, in addition to marketing, interpretation, and politics. In Unit 1, we’ll begin by studying foundational concepts, including taste, art worlds, and methods. In Unit 2, we will examine how artworks are produced, evaluated, and exchanged in the traditional “art market.” Unit 3 focuses on the objects and genres of art, developing our sociological mindfulness of exclusion and hierarchy in the art worlds. Digging deeper into the question of exclusion and hierarchy, Unit 4 focuses on the politics of art. We will look at communities of artists traditionally marginalized by the mainstream art market, including Outsider Artists, African American artists, Native American artists, immigrant and queer artists. On that, we reflect on intersectionality in the global production and reception of artwork. After taking this course, students are expected to be able to apply their sociological imagination to the art worlds, systematically analyze art as a social and political object, and engage in creative collective actions for social justice. 

------ Below are the past classes I taught as a graduate student ------

Spring 2020 (UVA)

SOC 1010: Introductory Sociology

Fall 2019 (UVA)

SOC 2230: Criminology 

1. Explain key concepts related to crime, criminal justice, and race, class, and gender.

2. Relate America’s history of social control and punishment to current crime policies and practices.

3. Critically interrogate news, policies, and reform efforts related to crime.

4. Define and illustrate how crime is socially and historically constructed.

5. Write reflectively on how your social position shapes your experiences with crime, punishment, and safety.

(the course description is credited to Professor Rose Buckelew.)

Spring 2019 (UVA)

SOC 1010: Introductory Sociology

Fall 2018 (UVA)

SOC 2230: Criminology 

(the course description is credited to Professor Fiona Greenland.)

Fall 2014 ~ Spring 2016 (NTU)

PS 1005 & 1006: Introductory Politics 政治學一二